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Knowing Movie Actors & -Actresses and,
The AWARD Goes To......!!!

As you might have read about on my
Writing Blog, I have Several Specially Designed Notebooks that I use for

Constructive Journaling, during such Journaling I
automatically discover ideas that I can writer blog posts about.

In some old notes I read, that some years ago I have been to our Local Museum
to have a look at a Special Exposition about Cinema History,
with all kinds of old cameras, and things related
to Movies & Cinema

Unusual Fact

For example there also was displayed a Big Record Player,
one they used to Play Movie Music in the Movie Theatres,
with the funny thing that it did look somewhat
like a usual record player,
only bigger and a Black Vinyl Record where you put the needle at the Centre
of the Record, and than playing the Record to the Side instead
of a normal record player that plays from the side to the centre.

Movie Contest I Won!

At that Exhibition there also was a somewhat Cartoon-like Movie Poster
with on it many Movie Actors & -Actricess, and the Competition was
to recognise as many of them as you could!

Since I am Highly Visual, also occasionally win Photo Contests, draw things like Caricatures, and Cartoons Animals, and since I also know a lot of Movie Actors & Actrices (and Pop Artists) from Movies (and Movie Trailers) I have Seen, (even occasionally played as an Extra myself) and since.., 
I also amung other things have worked in Photo Studios and as Photo Editor for e.g. TV-Guides it was a pretty do-able thing for me, so the AWARD did go to - ME - and..….,       

             I actually won the Contest ! ! !

My Prize was a Cinema Cake from Multi Flaai see photo here below:

Read More Interesting New Blog posts Soon….., 

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