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Cute Colorful Nature Inspired
Movie Trailer!

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The great thing about Movie Trailors is that you get an idea about
what a movie will be about, like for example you can see in a previous
Movie Trailor from Jonny English, Movies with Just like a real James Bond Movies, Flashy Title Sequences

Here below I have an other Movie Trailer for you

a Cute Colorful Nature Inspired Movie Trailer,

This is one of those Happymovies that is Iconical!

This Movie is a New more realistic looking Version
of the Animated version.

Many things in the Trailer look similar as the Animated version,


Discover How In the Movies the Camera Man
Holds The Camera Steady!

Ever wondered how in the Movies, a Camera Man can
hold his or her camera Steady...???

Look here below to discover how:

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Flashy Title Sequences!!!

Thanks for visiting
this blog today,

Today's post is about....,

Those 'Flashy' Title Sequences,

Who doesn't - for example - know the impressive
Movie Trailors, and those artistic 'Flashy' James Bond
'Title Sequences' that instantly
makes you know that you are going to watch a James Bond Movie
full of action and exotic locations.

A lot of Movies have a recognisable 'Title Sequence'
as a 'Signature' for a certain style of Movie giving
little glimpses of what to expect of the Movie while
seeing all names from Crew and Castmembers.

To know more about impressive 'Title Sequences'
James Bond Movies and other Movies you can have a look at:


Feel free to place a comment and share
your favorite 'Title Sequences'

Flashy Moves:

For your own 'Flashy Sequences'
see Condor Skate Board
here below:

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Knowing Movie Actors & -Actresses and,
The AWARD Goes To......!!!

As you might have read about on my
Writing Blog, I have Several Specially Designed Notebooks that I use for

Constructive Journaling, during such Journaling I
automatically discover ideas that I can writer blog posts about.

In some old notes I read, that some years ago I have been to our Local Museum
to have a look at a Special Exposition about Cinema History,
with all kinds of old cameras, and things related
to Movies & Cinema

Unusual Fact

For example there also was displayed a Big Record Player,
one they used to Play Movie Music in the Movie Theatres,
with the funny thing that it did look somewhat
like a usual record player,
only bigger and a Black Vinyl Record where you put the needle at the Centre
of the Record, and than playing the Record to the Side instead
of a normal record player that plays from the side to the centre.

Movie Contest I Won!

At that Exhibition there also was a somewhat Cartoon-like Movie Poster
with on it many Movie Actors & -Actricess, and the Competition was
to recognise as many of them as you could!

Since I am Highly Visual, also occasionally win Photo Contests, draw things like Caricatures, and Cartoons Animals, and since I also know a lot of Movie Actors & Actrices (and Pop Artists) from Movies (and Movie Trailers) I have Seen, (even occasionally played as an Extra myself) and since.., 
I also amung other things have worked in Photo Studios and as Photo Editor for e.g. TV-Guides it was a pretty do-able thing for me, so the AWARD did go to - ME - and..….,       

             I actually won the Contest ! ! !

My Prize was a Cinema Cake from Multi Flaai see photo here below:

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Creating New Worlds!

Thanks for having you on this
Movie Blog,

What is your favorite Flashy
Movie Title Sequence?

With seeing

James Bond Movies

I have been thinking about all those nice
Movie Title Sequences....,

Who doesn't - for example - know the impressive
artistic 'Flashy' James Bond 'Title Sequence'
that instantly makes you know that you are going
Watch Movies & TV Shows

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