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Cute Colorful Nature Inspired Movie Trailer!

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The great thing about Movie Trailors is that you get an idea about
what a movie will be about, like for example you can see in a previous
Movie Trailor from Jonny English, Movies with Just like a real James Bond Movies, Flashy Title Sequences

Here below I have an other Movie Trailer for you

a Cute Colorful Nature Inspired Movie Trailer,

This is one of those Happymovies that is Iconical!

This Movie is a New more realistic looking Version
of the Animated version.

Many things in the Trailer look similar as the Animated version,

except for for example the Fruit that was used for the coloring of the forehead
in the animated version, since the fruit used, in real life happens to much less
colorful than you would expect.

High Levels of Cuteness:

Recently we published several
designs specially for Cute Christmas Teddy Bear Gifts with the idea
to have actual baby T-shirts with the same matching design
as the Teddy Bears,

Just when I was wondering if it was possible to ever top this in Cuteness,
I discovered this Movie Trailer, that does a good job in
reaching for great Cuteness hights,
when Simba is being lifted
high up in the air!

Your Thoughts: 

Did you see the Animated Version?
How did you like it, can your remember
specific Scenes from the movie? 

you can write your Comments & Replies 
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P.S. On safary they usually talk about 'The Big 5';

the Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Rihno, Elephant,
we have our Own 'Big 5'

See Our "Big 5"

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