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Jonny English See the Official Trailer!

We recently went to this Hilarious Movie
from Secret Agent Jonny English,

Do You Know what we did first? 

With a few friends, we first had something
to eat and something to drink together,

This is so Amazing that you 
can hardly believe it, 

It happend to be amazing nice weather
for the time of the year that
we could even sit outside without
needing a Jacket!

This is How the Movie Started; 

The Movie starts with a funny Title Sequence that is
slightly different than you might expect and,

This is Some of the Things 
You Can Expect in this Movie: 

          You probably know - just as in James Bond Movies - the Gadgets,
          an Agent gets to Choose, Jonny English has a rather fun and
          Old fashioned Choices that come in handy later on.
          There where numurous Hilarious FUN Scenes in this movie,
In one of the scenes Jonny English has a Virtual Reality Mask on his face,
with unimaginable consequences,

If you want to see a FUN MOVIE you definitely
want to see this one!

Jonny English See the Official Trailer! 
here at the top of this Blog post.

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