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One Minute Movies Contest

Hello Movie Enthousiast,
Thanks for having a look at this HappyMovie Blog today,

While I recently have been reading a book
about Screenwriting, I haven't written many posts
on this blog in a while lately.

Today I have some interesting Movie News:
I received an email from a friend of mine,
with a link to a One Minute Movies Contest that his
son Roy submitted a Movie for.

You can see it here below,


Roy's One Minute Movie is titled:
"The Dream Train"

(You can 'Scroll forward' if you like,
You can see it at after about 13 minutes)


Creating New Worlds

Thanks for having you on this
Movie Blog,

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Traveling Octopus Embracing Adult Backpack
Traveling Octopus Embracing Adult Backpack
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I will tell you all about it,

Different Faces:

It's because I was just wondering what to write about
on this Movie blog and looking at the
self designed Backpack Faces on our Travel Blog
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"you can Take those Faces Off",

That made me think about
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Special Movie Characters:

It's about creating Special Characters, very creative
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African Funny Ostrich Cartoon Button

African Funny Ostrich Cartoon Button

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Sunshine Customizable Button

Sunshine Customizable Button

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