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What is your favorite Flashy
Movie Title Sequence?

With seeing

James Bond Movies

I have been thinking about all those nice
Movie Title Sequences....,

Who doesn't - for example - know the impressive
artistic 'Flashy' James Bond 'Title Sequence'
that instantly makes you know that you are going
to watch a James Bond Movie full
of action, and exotic locations.

A lot of Movies have a recognisable 'Title Sequence'
as a 'Signature' for a certain style of Movie
giving little glimpses of what to expect of the Movie
while seeing all names from Crew and Castmembers.

A slightly Alternative James Bond Title Sequense is the
one from Jonny English Played by Rowan Atkinson

Have a Look at
the MOVIE Trailer!!!

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To know more about impressive 'Movie Title Sequences'
James Bond Movies and other Movies you can have a look at:

Your Thoughts: Let us See 

Your Favorite Movie 'Title Sequences' 

Feel free to place a Comment or Reply and share
your favorite 'Title Sequences'


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