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Why on earth look at Movies about Phantom Ships?

I remember when I went to the movie 'The Titanic', a Movie about a sunken ship. I thought to myself;

'I know that the boat sunk,
so why bother to look at the movie?'

Appeared that it was an incredible movie afterall, they made it real interesting to watch because they begun the story with the shipwrek at the bottom of the sea, and than they showed 'the Ghosts from the Past' Telling the story (backwards) in a great an compelling way after all.

The same with Pirate Movies, why have a look at Pirates or Ghost Pirates?
Well Jonny Depp really created an incredible Fun character in this movie, and also the special effects are pretty amazing!

So if you haven't seen it yet, or want to see it again, those movies devinitely belong into your collection. Also included a Banner-link with the movies on

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