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Since I was looking for one or more books - written by the Dutch
Writer/Photo Model/Actress Daphne Dekkers - to put on HP's Happy BOOKS Blogspot I was searching on 'the Net' looking to find one (or more) of her books and since Daphne is also a Screen Writer, it reminded me of an other interesting book (from an other author) to put on my HP's Happy WRITING Blogspot )

'During my search(es) I accidentally stumbled at something else
that's suitable for THIS (Movie) Blogspot'.

Because Daphne has had an appearance in the James Bond Movie 'Tomorrow Never Dies'. (and she also appeard in a PlayBoy Special about 'Bond Girls'.)

Talking about 'Bond Girls', Daphne is not the only Dutch Actress that appeared in a James Bond Movie
Famke Janssen also had a role the James Bond Movie 'Goldeneye' you can read more about Famke at:

HP's Happy Holland Blogspot

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