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Since I was looking for one or more books - written by the Dutch
Writer/Photo Model/Actress Daphne Dekkers - to put on HP's Happy BOOKS Blogspot I was searching on 'the Net' looking to find one (or more) of her books and since Daphne is also a Screen Writer, it reminded me of an other interesting book (from an other author) to put on my HP's Happy WRITING Blogspot )

'During my search(es) I accidentally stumbled at something else
that's suitable for THIS (Movie) Blogspot'.

Because Daphne has had an appearance in the James Bond Movie 'Tomorrow Never Dies'. (and she also appeard in a PlayBoy Special about 'Bond Girls'.)

Talking about 'Bond Girls', Daphne is not the only Dutch Actress that appeared in a James Bond Movie
Famke Janssen also had a role the James Bond Movie 'Goldeneye' you can read more about Famke at:

HP's Happy Holland Blogspot

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Some real James Bond Movies ACTION!!!

'Everybody seems to be
in a hurry nowaday's....,'

Strangely enough casting agencies haven't yet contacted me to play the role of James Bond, but this Bond is also a good one!

You might think that it's the famous actor himself, but it goes without saying that if you look carefully you will see that it's just me getting to the filmset for a new episode of James Bond.

'Can you get me there fast....?'

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Another Fun Movie!

Just posted in a Forum, and kind of made a promise to put this movie on HP's Happy Movies Blogspot, So here below you can find a link to this Movie:


The Weather is 'Hot and Sexy'

If you have been on this site before, you will know that here you can find all kinds of things that can put a SMILE on your face.

For example you can find 'Daily Items' such as the 'Frentic Funnies Cartoon', the 'Joke of the Day' and 'Funny Quote' and other things that are entertaining or educational.

If you like Movies with Steve Martin in it, you will love this Funny Movie. In this Movie he plays a Weatherman from Los Angeles.

You also will see a very young Hot and Sexy Looking - well known from the tv-series 'Sex in the City' - Sarah Jessica Parker in it!!!

You can find it at the link here below:

(or look at the 'Distinguised Weatherforcast' at:Funny Picture - Weather Stone )

The Movie Shrek III

Some Months ago - infact it was in the year 2007 - the Actors Camaron Diaz and Antonio Banderas - that do the voices of some of the characters in the Shrek Movie - where here in The Netherlands near where I live. (I live near the Dutch Broadcasting Stations.) They where here doing interviews to promote the new Shrek Movie. Other Great voices in the movie are done by Eddy Murphy (the most commercially successful African-American actor in the history of Motion Pictures.) he is doing 'the Donkey'. Mike Meyers is the voice behind Shrek himself and the King is done by John Cleese.

in case you have missed the first two.....,

'Happy Feet' on DVD

Although I haven't yet seen this Movie myself yet, I did see some "Trailers". It seems to be a Fun movie.....,

It just seems to scream to be on my Happy Blogspot. It's an animated movie with voices by various famous actors like for example: Nicole Kidman, Elijah Wood, Brittany Murphy and Hugh Jackman.

It's all about the Motto: "Dare to be Different"

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